Reading Round Up August and September

My reading has been severely curtailed for the last two months. Starting my PGCE has really limited my free time and most of my reading has been around teaching- and no one want to hear about my teaching course books! I am getting back on track this month, but for the time being I have a paltry three books to review for the last two months!


PGCE Survival Guide: Tim Handley

(no picture because its an e-book I’m afraid!)

This is an excellent book for anyone thinking of starting a PGCE or considering going in to teaching. It has lots of practical tips and is written in a very approachable style. It defiantly defused a lot of the fear and uncertainty I had about starting university again for the second time. Highly recommend.


How to be Good: Nick Hornby

This is a very easy read which I completed on a train journey to go see my sister at university one weekend. It is written in Nick Hornby’s signature style- a fluffy read with enough substance to keep you turning the pages. The basic premise is that Katie, a London GP, is having a mid life crisis of sorts when her life is turned upside down because her husband has a personality change over night. Its an interesting read which tends to labour the question ‘how can you be a good person?’ over and over again without ever really giving an answer. Nonetheless an interesting and easy read.

The Skull Beneath the Skin: P.D. James

This is my second P.D. James novel and she continues to be an author who I would actively seek out. This is exactly the type of murder mystery novel that I love. More of a brain teaser than a gore fest with a strong female lead character, set in an improbable historical location. The cast of characters and central plot could be viewed as a little outdated, but I prefer to view it with a pinch of nostalgic charm. A great read for those of us who enjoy crime fiction but prefer to be spared pages of gory descriptions concerning the actual crime. I will most defiantly be seeking out more of James’ work in the future.

I hope everyone has had an excellent start to their week, and hopefully next month I will have been able to find more time to do some reading!

Lindy xxx


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  1. I will recommend The Skull Beneath The Skin to my daughter. I think she would enjoy that one. Thanks for posting it for us.

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