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The view from the train this morning. Beautiful as it is, all I really want is a lie in!

Lindy xxxx


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(I wrote this poem mostly because I love to watch birds flock.)

A murmeration

undulating across the sky

dancing, swooping and soaring


and turning,

leading my heart-

sweeping above the clouds

towards the sun.


The hope of flying

holding my hand through winter.

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Whilst I had lots of things to do this evening, for some reason I thought my time would be best spent making a cushion cover out of one of James’ old jumpers for my reading chair. Productive- yes, good use of time- possibly, relaxing- defiantly!

Lindy xxx

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The only thing better than having an epic furry hat? Having someone to share it with!

Lindy xxx

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This is a good pile of books to have next to my bed on my too read list….

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Lunch Time

I figured I needed some good fuel to teach well so I made this for my lunch. It tasted great but still, today was one of those days where I felt everything went wrong, even though I was assured by my supervisor that it didn’t.

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Day Two

(My teaching practice file)

I wonder when I am going to stop marking how many lessons I have taught; I don’t feel like stopping soon! Lesson two, planned, taught, done and dusted. It went pretty well.

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