What I’m Reading this Week… (3)

Well my reading has not progressed much from last week! I’ve been so busy with university I’ve only managed to finish one book (Michael McIntyre’s autobiography). Lets hope that this week is a little more productive!

I have a maths assignment to write so all of this pile is getting perused!

I’m still reading PD James. Its good, but I’m not totally into the characters yet.

This is my favourite book from childhood and I still like to re-read it, so I’m hoping this week if I get into a reading slump it will save me!

What are you reading this week?

Lindy x



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7 responses to “What I’m Reading this Week… (3)

  1. Ewww maths assignment? Hahaha.
    I am reading the third book of the Hunger Games series, and I also just started a new book by John O’Farrell called The Man Who Forgot His Wife. πŸ™‚

    • I really liked the Hunger Games series when I read it- let me know what you think! I’ve got another book by John O’Farrell in my to read pile- ‘I blame the Scapegoats’. Have you read it?
      Lindy xx

      • I am enjoying the Hunger Games series so far. There’s quite a bit of debate over whether people like the ending or not, so I’ll be curious to see where I fit along that spectrum.
        I haven’t read ‘I Blame The Scapegoats’ actually, though I think it’s one of his books that contains the articles he wrote for (if I remember correctly) The Guardian – he has two other books of these and I have read one of his other ones, ‘I Have A Bream’. I think that’s what I like about him, that his writing varies so much – he has the three books of articles, plus two history books (I have never laughed so much while reading history), and on top of that four novels, and a website he runs. A talented man! πŸ™‚

  2. maths uha- that scares me! X’DDD good luck!

    • Tell me about it- I’ve been trying to ignore it for a while but I really just have to knuckle down an do it!
      Lindy x

      • Well, studying it or not, my scores was always the same! ^^ how is this possible? still don’t know the answer… i write some new posts…one in english too ^^ you can also play…let’s find my grammar mistakes!

  3. I’ve just finished reading At home with the Templetons by Monica McInerney which I really enjoyed. I’d never read any of her stuff before but I’ll be searching more out at the library tomorrow. Have you read any of her books?

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