Books I’ve Read in 2012

As with last year I am committed to keeping a record of everything I read this year.


House of Faith House of Cards: Eric N. Davis

Its Your Time You’re Wasting: Frank Chalk

Confessions of a GP: Benjamin Daniels


Lets Pretend this Never Happened: Jenny Lawson

My Story: Michael McIntyre

The Name of the Wind: Patrick Rothfuss


Catching Fire: Suzanne Collins (Re-read)

Mockingjay: Suzanne Collins (Re-read)

The Hunger Games: Suzanne Collins (Re-read)

Corsets and Calories: Louise Foxcroft


Darkly Dreaming Dexter: Jeff Lindsay

Enchanters End Game: David Edding’s (Re- read)

Magician’s Gambit: David Eddings (Re-read)

The 100 Thing Challenge: Dave Bruno

Unnatural Causes: PD James

The Carpet Makers: Andreas Eschbach


Uncle Montague’s Tales of Terror: Chris Priestley

Dewey: Vicki Myron with Bret Witter

The Fault in Our Stars: John Green

The Burnt Out Town of Miracles: Roy Jacobsen

One Thousand Gifts: Ann Voskamp

Divergent: Veronica Roth

An Abundance of Katherines: John Green


One response to “Books I’ve Read in 2012

  1. I just might steal your idea of recording my reading list!

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