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7 Good Things Vol 31

(James and I were lucky enough to go on a walk in a wood near us and this was one of the photos I took- I love autumn!)

I haven’t done one of these post in far to long, but its not good to ignore our blessing so here we go. 7 things which have been making me happy this week…

1. The colder weather! I can’t be the only one who loves the changing of the seasons with the chance it affords to curl up in big jumpers with a large mug of tea!

2. My reading mojo is back. I’ve read more so far this month that I did the last two months combined. It feels good to be back discovering new books again!

3. James thought I was being stressed over my up coming exams this week so arranged to take me to a spa for a day on Sunday- a great way to unwind!

4. Once this week is over I will have completed 3 of the mandatory audits for my course- a fact I am very much looking forward to!

5. James is still cooking up delicious meals for us- including the amazing butternut squash pasta bake we had for tea tonight- so so good.

6. I’ve seen lots of birds migrating over the last week. I don’t know why but I’ve always been fascinated watching birds flock over head- its been amazing to see so many in the last week.

7. Even though I am still getting up as early as ever, I think my body may have finally adjusted to it as I am nowhere near as tired and grouchy in the mornings! Which can only be a bonus for those who have to deal with me in the early hours!

How about you my friends? What has made you happy recently?

Lindy xxx



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7 Good Things Vol 30


Finding beautiful flowers when out walking…


A blue sky with fluffy clouds…


Stewed apples and plums over freshly baked banana bread for lunch…


Finding the county in the town…


Getting the book I needed…


Finally clearing my desk…


A new charity shop book find enjoyed with a large mug of tea…

Enjoy the end of August my friends

Lindy xxx

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7 Good Things Vol 29

Well, I’m late again, but shhhhh don’t tell anyone! I had a very bad day yesterday which was made substantially better by James taking me out for dinner to cheer me up, but it does mean that this didn’t get written. But hey Tuesday is the new Monday and brown is the new black and all of that jazz!

1. The sunshine! I’m pretty sure it puts the whole country in a better mood automatically.

2. Andy Murray got to the semi-finals ofWimbledon! I know he was disappointed but I think that’s an excellent result, especially when players like Nadal and Djokovic are in such blistering form.

3. We went for a picnic at the weekend and it was fabulous- good food and good friends- what more could a girl ask for?


I’m so excited about this I have pre-ordered it from the American Amazon so I can get it signed by John Green! I’m so happy its insane. (We’re ignoring the fact it cost me about the same in p+p as the actual book!)

5. I’ve been feeling a little inspired recently on the embroidery front so I should have something pretty to show you tomorrow!

6. It’s a beautiful day to day, James and I brought some posh soup for dinner which should be really nice and then we are going to the gym tonight. All in all its shaping up to be a good day!

7. James. I really don’t know what I would do without him, he makes all these grown up scary decision which I have to make so much easier.

 I hope you are all well my friends,

 Lindy xxx

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7 Good Things Vol 28

Well hello my friends! What beautiful weather we are having here- it can’t but fail to put me in a good mood!

So without further ado…

1. I know its materialistic and shallow but look at these pretty shoes James convinced me to buy this weekend! I love them so much and I got £10 off!  A pretty sweet deal in my mind!

2. Youtube is making me think again and that can only be a good thing…

3. Did I mention the weather already? I got to spend the day away from the office today, at, well another office, but this time by the seaside. I got a beautiful view of the water all day and it most definitely improved my mood.

4. And on the subject of the weather… Wimbledom! Two weeks a year where I can legitimately watch the TV and hope against hope that there will be a British winner! Yes I know I am slightly delusional… but COME ON MURRAY!

5. I brought this book on Amazon today for the grand total of 8p! (Plus shipping of course!) I’ve read a few other books along these lines Buffy and Philosophy, Everything I ever Learned I Learnt from TV etc… and have always found that they made me think of things from a new perspective, so I am really looking forward to this arriving.

6. James is out tonight to I’m taking the opportunity to make one of my favourite soups (that James can’t stand) Chinese Egg Drop. Yum, yum, yum for dinner!

7. And last but certainly never least the lovely James. I feel so happy when I wake up and see his face, he is defiantly the best thing around these parts!

Have a fantastic start to your week my friends

Lindy xxxx


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As you will have probably noticed I have become pretty bad with keeping up with a posting schedule around these parts; there has been a a few reasons for this none of them particuarily interesting; work, work and life in general really! The usual culprits!

However I have felt a burst of insipration recently and I have decided to get myself back in to some sort of schedule. Due to the fact I work 2 jobs and have to commute I’m going to be aiming for 3 posts a weeks! Not a huge amount but it will be an improvement on what I’ve been managing recently.

So heres the plan… on a Monday I’m going to continue posting 7 good Things, mostly because I find this really helpful in focusing my own mind on the good things in my week which I need to remember to be thankful for.

On a Wednesday I’m going to be sharing some of the art and probably particuarily embroidery inspiration I stumble accross on the net and hopefully some of my own work as well.

Then on a Friday we will have a bookish type post, review or otherwise.

I think setting these things down for myself will hopefully keep me focused and keep me on track, because I love writing and sharing things on this little blog and I would hate to loose this and become overwhelmed with the more boring aspects of every day life!

Anyhoo, I hope to see you all back here on Monday for 7 Good Things! Have a fabulous Sunday my friends.

Lindy xxxx

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7 Good Things Vol 27


I thought I would do this a little differently this week and list 7 things which I have been thankful for this week…

1. I’m thankful that there is food in my cupboards and that my next meal is not in doubt. For too many in the world, this is not a certainty.

2. I’m thankful that I live in country where the printed word is not censored and I can get my hands on high quality works of literature, politics and poetry cheaply and easily.

3. I’m thankful that I live somewhere where political debate is an everyday, encouraged activity.

4. I’m thankful that clean water pours from my taps for pennies, plentiful and cool.

5. I’m thankful that I have the education to make informed choices about my actions and my future. I truly believe that a good education and a curiosity for the world around me is the greatest gift my parents could have given me.

6. I’m thankful that my knee is healing and I can feel myself becoming stronger day by day.

7. I’m thankful for James and for our relationship, having him to come home to is the greatest gift I could ask for.

Please let me know in comments what you are thankful for this week…

Lindy xxxx

ps: You have to the end of the week to enter my giveaway to win a book, tea and chocolate… the recipe for a perfect afternoon!


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I’ve been so busy this week I have no idea how it got to be Friday already. Its just insane, in my head I feel like it should be Wednesday, or Thursday morning at the latest! But any how, better late than never I say! In honour of the fact for an entire half a year I manage to keep up with posting my 7 Good Things every week, I thought I would have  a little giveaway…

the ingredients for a perfect afternoon!

We have the excellent book ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime’, by Mark Haddon, some yummy herbal tea and my favourite treat, chocolate raisins. (If you convince yourself really hard these count as one of your five a day on the basis they were once upon a time grapes!)

All you have to do to enter is sign your name in comments and tell me a book you think I should read, or the book which has had the biggest impact on you!

I will pick a random winner in a week so happy commenting!

Have a fantastic Friday my friends, I am off to do circuit training…. wish me luck!

Lindy xxx


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