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Skirt Sewing

So I was bored the other night, James was out and I was left alone with my sewing machine…. I wonder what happened! About 3 years ago I brought this very ugly, 3 sizes too big dress for the grand total of £3, meaning to do something with it.

I thought the colours were nice and had considered turning it in to a skirt, and only 3 years later, I got round to it! The dress had a zipper up the side which I wanted to preserve because I didn’t have another one in my stash, and I’m not very good at putting them in any way.

This is what I came up with…

In order to preserve the zipper the skirt has a deep fold over at the waist band which I added a sash to. I cut the bodice of the dress off and re hemmed the raw edge. I then had to take the side opposite to the zipper in a little so it fit snugly round my hips and added the sash.

I am really pleased with how this turned out. For £3 and about 45mins I now have a nice new summer skirt. Now if only the weather would start co-operating with me!

Lindy xxx


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Whilst I had lots of things to do this evening, for some reason I thought my time would be best spent making a cushion cover out of one of James’ old jumpers for my reading chair. Productive- yes, good use of time- possibly, relaxing- defiantly!

Lindy xxx

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The only thing better than having an epic furry hat? Having someone to share it with!

Lindy xxx

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Saturday Steals Vol 25

Ahh Saturday Steals… how I love thee! I am still sans camera so you will just have to put up with the dodgy efforts of photo booth I’m afraid.

Now its no secret that I love to buy clothes, and it should come as no surprise that I love to buy discounted clothes even more!

(Yes I know I look a little demented in this photo!)

This shirt was half price which I then got to take my staff discount off meaning it cost me the grand total of £6.30! Pretty good I feel. I don’t usually wear this kind of dusky pink colour but I quite like it! Maybe I’m turning a corner in my wardrobe choices… who knows?!

Why not pop over to Archive of Our Lives to see some more fantastic steals…

Happy weekend my friends!

Lindy xxxx


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Just a Minute…

the ticket to a really good day

…reading… Murder is Easy by Agatha Christie, Bad Thoughts by James Whyte and The Woman’s Bible by Elizabeth Cady Stanton

… drinking… blueberry bliss tea by the London Fruit and Herb Company

…listening to… The Court Yard Hounds (this obsession has not gone away!)

…doing… just finished tidying up a little bit and now I’m going to indulge myself and play Sims for a bit

…eating… James made some amazing chewy pretzels recently. That boys talent know no bounds!

…shopping… nothing because I’m trying to be thrifty but I’m lusting after this and this in the Sally Jane Vintage shop.

…enjoying… the sunshine! Oh summer how I’ve missed you!

…looking forward too… going swimming with Jim tomorrow


Have a fantastic weekend my friends

Lindy xxxx



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>Happy Monday!

>Today was an awesome Monday – and that doesn’t often happen!

Today I handed in my dissertation! Yes people I am finished. 11500 words. 32 pages. 1 appendix. 40 entries in my bibliography. All done. I’m so happy my face almost split from smiling so much.

In more good news- MY HOUSE IS FINISHED! And yes, that deserved capitals! The building work is done on J and mines first house. We can move in during the next couple of weeks and I am so excited. We have been waiting so long its almost unbelievable that its finished!

I also got these amazing shoes!

I love them, heels that are comfortable and look good. How can you beat that?!

I hope everyone else had such an amazing Monday! xxx

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