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Life updates and shiz

So hello internet friends…. how are you? The last month of so has been so stressful around these parts that I haven’t got beyond book reviews… and I’m sorry! Our car was smashed in to, our washing machine broke down and things got so horrendously stressful with my course that I kind of just shut down for a while. Only the bare minimum was done, no more.

But today, for the first time in a  while I feel hopeful. The washing machine is fixed, the car is back and working and I finally feel just about on top of my university work and teaching. All in all a good start to the weekend- if only the weather would start co-operating and this grey bank of clouds that surrounds my house would lift. But I’m resigned to the fact that I can’t have everything!

But we are focusing on the good things here people…

– having finished my planning for the next week

– good coffee on a Saturday morning

– hugs

– rediscovering books I haven’t read for a year or so in preparation for what looks like a very good film coming at the end of this month.

So I hope that each of your weekends is peaceful and fulfilling.

Lindy xxx


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Saturday Steals Vol 30

Today I have yet more books to share with you! Although I have pretty much run out of room on my book shelves so I am going to have to start to get creative with where I store my books!

This little haul actually came from my Mum. She wanted to clear out some of her old books to free herself up some bookshelf space and I am a more than happy recipient of her off casts!  Like Mother like daughter we both are always running out of space for our respective books habits!

I got a couple of new to me John Le Carre novels which is excellent because James and I went to see Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy last week at the cinema and I loved it; it gave me a really hankering to read some more of his novels. I also got Surprised by Joy by CS Lewis, which I have read before but I’m happy to add it to my collection because I love his writing style so much. She also gave me a few fantasy novels which I am always happy to add to my ever growing collection and Anna Karenina. Anna Kareina is one of those books I have been meaning to read for ages and ages. Its just one of those classics that I really want to get to grips with.  Since its so ridiculously large it is however one of these books that might just have to wait for a while! I just have too much work to do at the moment to dive head first in to a giant classic! (I think some of those shorter John Le Carre novels are much more up my street!)

How about you my friend? Found any great book steals recently? I beginning to feel like my book habit is a little extreme!

Lindy xxxx


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Symphony of Science

One of my lectures played this in our first science lecture which was dealing which how to engage children with science. I think I’ve become a little obsessed…

‘…there is real poetry in the real word, science is the poetry of reality…’ Richard Dawkins

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>Perfect Day…

>Or perhaps I should title this post perfect week, because thus far it has been just that! Today has been particularly amazing as James brought me a body wrap and facial treatment at the Centreparcs Spa for Christmas. I couldn’t recommend this more highly. I’m currently all soft and relaxed sitting in our villa with a cup of tea. Perfection.

We’re just about to go out of a evening swim before heading home to watch a movie and have some tea. On the subject of movies we’ve seen some pretty amazing ones this week. My favourite thus far being Scott Pilgrim vs The World. One of the most random film, yet one of the more entertaining I have seen in a long while. Is everying Micheal Cera does that good? And yes I know most people managed to see this in the cinema, but I am just not that organized. Plus the cinema where I live is pretty crappy and very expensive, I just feel cheated!

So the purpose of this post, which I will agree is a little hidden, is just to check in and hope that everyone else is having an amazing start to 2011 too. I promise, back with many photos next week!

Love Lindy xxx

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>Food, food, glorious food!

>Last night was a very good night. Ignoring the fact that I have whiplash, and thus probably shouldn’t have been drinking (shhh don’t tell anyone), James cooked me another amazing meal.

We had Bobotie (which is a kind of spiced South African meatloaf) and salad. I think it was the eating by candle light which made it so romantic. That and the music of Billy Joel in the background. (Don’t laugh, I love Billy Joel, there is nothing like a little social commentary with dinner!)

After which we had strawberries and cream whilst watching Food Inc. Now I know I’m a little behind here in watching this film, but it was a really eye opener. Now I know i don’t live in the states, but still. It was horrifying to see some of the scenes in the slaughterhouses. Now I know that as a former vegetarian the film was preaching to the converted, but I was still shocked. If I ever manage to make it to the States (which i would love to one day), I might not be eating!

I hope every one has a happy Sunday, I am off to visit my Gran and go out for lunch! See you all next week.

Ros xxxx

(ps. Please excuse the slightly blurry photos, I’m still getting to grips with my new camera!)

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