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Whilst I had lots of things to do this evening, for some reason I thought my time would be best spent making a cushion cover out of one of James’ old jumpers for my reading chair. Productive- yes, good use of time- possibly, relaxing- defiantly!

Lindy xxx


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7 Good Things Vol 30


Finding beautiful flowers when out walking…


A blue sky with fluffy clouds…


Stewed apples and plums over freshly baked banana bread for lunch…


Finding the county in the town…


Getting the book I needed…


Finally clearing my desk…


A new charity shop book find enjoyed with a large mug of tea…

Enjoy the end of August my friends

Lindy xxx

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7 Good Things Vol 25

the shelves that Jim built

Yesterday was a bank holiday, so technically, I’m not late with this one! Thats my story and I’m stickin’ to it!

1. I just had a week off! It was glorious!

2. Outnumbered… I had forgotten how funny this show is and was pleasantly surprised to re discover it this weekend!

3. James is having a massive clear out of our house at the moment and I am ever so grateful to him for doing this!

4. During this big tidy out, James has created me a shelf on which to put my shoes, make-up, jewellery and generally stuff. I love that man! See above picture, its currently very neat!

5. Old vlogbrothers videos… they are just so addictive, just randomly clicking through old videos is endlessly entertaining to me!

6. Whilst writing this James went out and brought me ice-cream, just because. Reason 3007 why living with a boy is good!

7. My aunt, uncle and small cousin are coming to visit this weekend, and I am very excited! I haven’t seen them in ages and it will be so much fun!

I hope everyone else had a fantastic bank holiday weekend. How did you spend yours? I was at work for most of it, but I did spend Monday just chilling out. Oh and James and I brought a house plant (the height of excitement I know!)

Lindy xxx

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Things I’ve done Today…..

... took pictures of my favourite decorations...

... turned my window in to a rudimentary light box to transfer patterns...

... made sugar biscuits to go with my afternoon cup of tea...

... started stitching my new design...

How is your day going friends?

Lindy xxx


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7 Good Things Vol 14

Isn’t it weird, since being at home off of work the weeks just seem to rush by. I think its because I’ve lost the structure via which I define my time- work. It seems like only yesterday I wrote last weeks instalment of good things. Heres to hoping that my knee gets better and I can go back to work soon (I never though I’d hear myself say that!), but I’m itching for something to do!

Anyhoo, her are the 7 things which have made me smile this week, and thus are good by definition!

1. Flight of the Concords. How can I not have seen this show before??! Its awesome!

Flight of the Concords- Season One

2. Sunny days. Please, please, please stay Mr Sun!

This was the view out of my window today.

3. James, he redecorated both our bathrooms this weekend, and did a fantastic job of it!

This photo does not do the colour justice!

4. Toasted bagels with cream cheese and black pepper. It makes me hungry just thinking about them.

Lunch today!

5. The physiotherapist released my knee brace at my appointment today to I can practice bending my knee a bit more. (It is unfortunately still very, very weak.)

6. Geek songs. How can I not love these!

7. This project, check out the videos they’re fantastic.

Have a great Monday,

Lindy xxx

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>The view from my Sofa…

>When walking becomes painful your world becomes restrained to what you can reach…

As much as I love the imposed rest, I will be so thankful when I can get back to interacting with the rest of the world!

Lindy xxx

(And yes I did spare you the gross photo of my knee!)

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>Saturday Steals


My steals this week are of a householdy type nature. Which I suppose is unsurprising since I just gained a house. And because nobody tells you how expensive things like loo paper are before you get said house, steals become all that much more important to your continuing sanity (and that of your bank manager)!

So without further ado, here is one of my favourite things that I brought from the mecca that is Ikea. Have I mentioned that I worship at the alter of Scandinavian flat pack furniture?! What, you think thats a bit weird? Your now backing away in to a corner, brandishing a breadstick, hoping to fend me off? Yes? Well. Have a seat. Theres a lovely flat pack chair for your enjoyment just there!

This vase ladies and gentlemen, is my Ikea steal of the week. I love this vase. Its handblown and a delicious colour. Even better than all of that it was only £6.99. Pretty good for a hand blown glass vase me thinks.

And if this wasn’t a steal enough, if you go to Ikea on a Wednesday its ‘Meatball Wednesday!’ Where you get an entire (and tasty) meal of meatballs for only £1.50. Plus, if this wasn’t bonus enough, the Ikea near me is really quiet on a Wednesday, so your don’t have to fight the hordes of middle England to get your steals!

So there you have it people. Ikea is defiantly where it is at!

I hope everyone has an enjoyable and happy weekend, and I shall see you all next week. Scouts honour. xxx


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