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Making an Elf Hat

When your boyfriend has to dress up as an elf for charity and asks you to make him an elf hat to complete his costume- this is how you do it!

You Will Need:

Green felt

Red felt

Red ribbon

Pins. Many many pins.

A sewing machine threaded up in the colour of your choice (unless your way more devoted than me and can do everything by hand!)

1. Measure his head. (His was 58cm BTW)

2. Divide this by two (29cm) and add a little bit for seam allowances (30cm).

(The photo isn’t great but I have drawn a triangle in pencil on the felt as a cutting guide)

3. Mark this out on your felt with a pencil. I used the bottom edge of my felt so I had one straight edge already. Then depending on how long your boyfriend wants his hat mark out the third point of the triangle (mine was 80cm long).

4. I then joined these three points up free handing a curved shape to make the hat sufficiently elfish.

5.Cut this out.

6. Carefully pin your hat shape to another piece of felt making sure there are no creases in the felt.

7.Cut round this so now you have both halves of your hat.

8. Lay them out so that they are a mirror image of each other.

9.Add green felt in which ever combination of stripes takes your fancy. I also added red ribbon. Make sure that that your green stripes are pinned at the same point on each side of your hat otherwise it will look lopsided when you sew the two halves together.

10.Sew the felt and ribbon on to the main felt piece. When sewing the second side make sure that the main pieces match otherwise your stripes will be wonky.

11. Match the two sides up and machine around the edge leaving about a 1/2 a cm seam allowance.

12. Turn your hat the right way around and sew a bell on the end (for a truly festive feel!)

13. Model your new hat proudly!

Happy Christmas!

Lindy xxxx



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Whilst I had lots of things to do this evening, for some reason I thought my time would be best spent making a cushion cover out of one of James’ old jumpers for my reading chair. Productive- yes, good use of time- possibly, relaxing- defiantly!

Lindy xxx

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The only thing better than having an epic furry hat? Having someone to share it with!

Lindy xxx

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This is an old photo from earlier this summer. James has gone to Moldova for a while to see friends. Good for him, but not so good for me who is home alone! I think I miss him already and he is not due back for another week!


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Just a Whisper….

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What a Fantastic Weekend….

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7 Good Things Vol 31

(James and I were lucky enough to go on a walk in a wood near us and this was one of the photos I took- I love autumn!)

I haven’t done one of these post in far to long, but its not good to ignore our blessing so here we go. 7 things which have been making me happy this week…

1. The colder weather! I can’t be the only one who loves the changing of the seasons with the chance it affords to curl up in big jumpers with a large mug of tea!

2. My reading mojo is back. I’ve read more so far this month that I did the last two months combined. It feels good to be back discovering new books again!

3. James thought I was being stressed over my up coming exams this week so arranged to take me to a spa for a day on Sunday- a great way to unwind!

4. Once this week is over I will have completed 3 of the mandatory audits for my course- a fact I am very much looking forward to!

5. James is still cooking up delicious meals for us- including the amazing butternut squash pasta bake we had for tea tonight- so so good.

6. I’ve seen lots of birds migrating over the last week. I don’t know why but I’ve always been fascinated watching birds flock over head- its been amazing to see so many in the last week.

7. Even though I am still getting up as early as ever, I think my body may have finally adjusted to it as I am nowhere near as tired and grouchy in the mornings! Which can only be a bonus for those who have to deal with me in the early hours!

How about you my friends? What has made you happy recently?

Lindy xxx


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