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I’ve shared some of my poetry on here before. I’ve been conscientiously trying to write more this year on the theory that if I make myself write, I will in time hit inspiration.

Below is a poem I wrote a few moths ago… comments are welcomed.

I was beaten today,

tossed by the tides of time

and I lost.

So I retreated like a child

back to comforts long known…

tea and an old book.

And once again they held my hand,

buffered the darkness

and steered me through the night.


Lindy xxx



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(I wrote this poem mostly because I love to watch birds flock.)

A murmeration

undulating across the sky

dancing, swooping and soaring


and turning,

leading my heart-

sweeping above the clouds

towards the sun.


The hope of flying

holding my hand through winter.

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Haiku Friday 2

to spend time with you

is the greatest gift in life;

us rock’in it out

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Haiku Friday

this is a very old photo I just found... but I liked it!

gym you kicked my butt

hurt my knee, mocked my try’in

yet I come again

Two work out sessions in two days has not been kind to my injured knee, I really must learn how to pace myself! I’ve been writing little haiku’s all week for fun, so I thought I might share them on here from time to time. I enjoy writing little bits of poetry (no matter how poor!), haiku’s especially are just enough to give me a creativity top up in the middle of my day!

Have a fab weekend my friends!

Lindy xxx

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