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I’m linking this up with Camille over at Archive of Our Lives based upon the fact that going for a run was a great a free way to amuse myself for an afternoon! 


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Saturday Steals Vol 30

Today I have yet more books to share with you! Although I have pretty much run out of room on my book shelves so I am going to have to start to get creative with where I store my books!

This little haul actually came from my Mum. She wanted to clear out some of her old books to free herself up some bookshelf space and I am a more than happy recipient of her off casts!  Like Mother like daughter we both are always running out of space for our respective books habits!

I got a couple of new to me John Le Carre novels which is excellent because James and I went to see Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy last week at the cinema and I loved it; it gave me a really hankering to read some more of his novels. I also got Surprised by Joy by CS Lewis, which I have read before but I’m happy to add it to my collection because I love his writing style so much. She also gave me a few fantasy novels which I am always happy to add to my ever growing collection and Anna Karenina. Anna Kareina is one of those books I have been meaning to read for ages and ages. Its just one of those classics that I really want to get to grips with.  Since its so ridiculously large it is however one of these books that might just have to wait for a while! I just have too much work to do at the moment to dive head first in to a giant classic! (I think some of those shorter John Le Carre novels are much more up my street!)

How about you my friend? Found any great book steals recently? I beginning to feel like my book habit is a little extreme!

Lindy xxxx


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Saturday Steals Vol 29

I know you’ll be shocked to hear this but I have been buying books again. I picked these two beauties up for for £1 (combined) at a charity shop in town on Friday.

I’ve already read the Nick Hornby one (which was good, review to follow) but the thing I was most impressed with was that these books are both brand new! They had not been opened, the spines are perfect! Someone, somewhere, was given a fine present that they just did not appreciate enough!

The other cool thing about these books was that I was actually having a conversation with my Dad the day before about the Auel one because he had read it and thought I might like it. A win on so many levels!

Now my only problem is finding space on my bookshelves to put them…!

Happy weekend my friends,

Lindy xxxx


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Saturday Steals Vol 28

This is possibly getting to the point where all that you guys are going to think that I buy is books! But I promise, I support other sectors of the failing world economy as well… by like buying food and stuff!

I picked these up for 30p each at my libraries books sale. One of the great aspects of teaching is the guilt free reason to buy children’s books again. Because blatantly I *need* these for my course.

FYI if your looking for a thoughtful and interesting children’s author look no further than Michael Morpurgo, I am yet to find one of his books that I haven’t loved!

Have a fab weekend my friends

Lindy xxxx

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Saturday Steal Vol 27

Todays steal is less of a thing, and more of a service. You see going back to university I was worried about having time to read regularly because of the insane workload and my nice commuting schedule which will see me leave my house before 7 every morning and not get back ’till gone 7 every night. And this is obviously not acceptable to me; I love reading for pleasure too much to give it up completely… stupid amounts of work be damned! (No I will not be teaching my students that using ‘and’ as the start to a sentence is grammatically acceptable; yes I do know its a conjunction!)

No time for reading? What do I do with all of these?….

So what I needed was a way in which to read which was not overwhelming and was easily accessible… enter This is a website, that FREE of charge, emails you instalments of books of your choice. You can choose the frequency that you get emails (daily, only on weekdays, 3 time a week etc…) and pick the time they come to you.

I might be in love with this service. Most of the books they offer seem to be either out of copyright or less well know, which is perfect for me because I love reading little obscure things.

So this is my steal, books delivered to me daily, free of charge, to my email so I can read them on the train without having to carry anything else. I’m starting off with a Norwegian play called Hedda Gabler by Henrik Ibsen because, well, why wouldn’t you really?!

Happy weekend my friends

Lindy xxx


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Saturday Steals Vol 26

One of the things I have to do for my teaching course is read a lot of children’s literature- all well and good you say. And indeed it is one of the most enjoyable things which I have to do… but; children’s books are expensive and I have to read a lot of them. Cue… the library!! I am a  big believer in libraries (so much so I worked for the library service for a while, but that is another story.) The places are stocked with fabulous up to date children’s books… for free!

My current library stash…

I would heartily recommend and implore all of you to get out and use your local library service. The staff are friendly (I know, I used to be one of them), the buildings are warm and have comfy chairs and the books are free! Where is the downside here people??! Oh and also around where I live you could get good coffee for 20p as well. What more could you want?

In all seriousness if these services are not utilised we run the risk of loosing them in their current form, and the loss of books, freely available to everyone would be a sad day indeed.

Love your libraries my friends!

Lindy xxx


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Saturday Steals Vol 25

Ahh Saturday Steals… how I love thee! I am still sans camera so you will just have to put up with the dodgy efforts of photo booth I’m afraid.

Now its no secret that I love to buy clothes, and it should come as no surprise that I love to buy discounted clothes even more!

(Yes I know I look a little demented in this photo!)

This shirt was half price which I then got to take my staff discount off meaning it cost me the grand total of £6.30! Pretty good I feel. I don’t usually wear this kind of dusky pink colour but I quite like it! Maybe I’m turning a corner in my wardrobe choices… who knows?!

Why not pop over to Archive of Our Lives to see some more fantastic steals…

Happy weekend my friends!

Lindy xxxx


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