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The Vegan Challenge: Days One and Two

So I said that one of my goals for this month was to eat vegan for a week, and in the spirit of getting things done this month I thought I would start this week. So here we go, days one and two…

Day One

Breakfast was muesli and soya milk plus a vitamin tablet. Whilst I try to have a vitamin tablet everyday anyway I figured it would be particularly important whilst I’m playing around and restricting my diet. And here is where I encountered my first problem- muesli isn’t vegan. The one I buy has whey protein in it which is derived from cows milk. However I only brought this pack of cereal last week so I would feel very frivolous buying a replacement hence- it stays I’m afraid.

Lunch was some spicy lentil soup and a pitta bread with a handful of cherries and a couple of satsumas. I snacked on cashew nuts whilst a work and all in all was feeling quite pleased with myself until I got home, read the soup packet and realised that it wasn’t vegan either!

For dinner I made southern fried quorn style burgers in a pitta with tomato, cucumber, salad and reggae reggae relish with a side of peas. This was a) very scrummy b) I think it’s possible that I believe every meal is better with peas and c) yet again not vegan. Quorn isn’t vegan, much to my surprise, which at the end of my first day left me realising how difficult this would be. I thought I had been really good in my food choices but to eat a truly vegan diet you have to cut out much more than the obvious meat, fish, milk, cheese and yogurt, it would seem that most things are off the menu. Day two was going to require a lot more planning methinks!

Day Two

So breakfast was a repeat of yesterday since this is pretty much my staple breakfast regardless. I’m using un-sweetened soya milk at the moment and I’m surprised how much I’ve liked it. I can chug back a carton of the vanilla flavoured soya in a day it’s so delicious but I’ve always been a bit suspicious of the un-sweetened version. Possibly because my Mum hates soya milk and gave me a lasting suspicion of it as a child! Despite the fact my cereal isn’t completely vegan I’ve made the switch to soya milk and some change is better than no change!

For lunch I made myself a large couscous salad with tomato, cucumber and carrot . This was delicious mostly because I’ve discovered that if you make couscous with vegetable stock rather than just water it makes it taste 10 times better. No seriously you should give it a try! And this was a 100% vegan so score one for me! Though out the day I snacked on my vegan banana bread, which I rave about on here regularly and some dried fruit as well.

For dinner I made this lentil and spinach soup which I know is 100% vegan because I made it from scratch! Whilst this doesn’t look particularly nice it tasted pretty good and was fully of nutrients from the spinach.

I think I’m going to christen this week ‘vegan light’. I will try my best to eat as vegan as I possibly can but I’ve been surprised how difficult this really is. Hopefully later in the month I will learn from this and be able to try a week eating completely vegan.

Have you ever tried changing your diets my friends? How successful were you?

Lindy xxx



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7 Good Things Vol 29

Well, I’m late again, but shhhhh don’t tell anyone! I had a very bad day yesterday which was made substantially better by James taking me out for dinner to cheer me up, but it does mean that this didn’t get written. But hey Tuesday is the new Monday and brown is the new black and all of that jazz!

1. The sunshine! I’m pretty sure it puts the whole country in a better mood automatically.

2. Andy Murray got to the semi-finals ofWimbledon! I know he was disappointed but I think that’s an excellent result, especially when players like Nadal and Djokovic are in such blistering form.

3. We went for a picnic at the weekend and it was fabulous- good food and good friends- what more could a girl ask for?


I’m so excited about this I have pre-ordered it from the American Amazon so I can get it signed by John Green! I’m so happy its insane. (We’re ignoring the fact it cost me about the same in p+p as the actual book!)

5. I’ve been feeling a little inspired recently on the embroidery front so I should have something pretty to show you tomorrow!

6. It’s a beautiful day to day, James and I brought some posh soup for dinner which should be really nice and then we are going to the gym tonight. All in all its shaping up to be a good day!

7. James. I really don’t know what I would do without him, he makes all these grown up scary decision which I have to make so much easier.

 I hope you are all well my friends,

 Lindy xxx

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7 Good Things Vol 28

Well hello my friends! What beautiful weather we are having here- it can’t but fail to put me in a good mood!

So without further ado…

1. I know its materialistic and shallow but look at these pretty shoes James convinced me to buy this weekend! I love them so much and I got £10 off!  A pretty sweet deal in my mind!

2. Youtube is making me think again and that can only be a good thing…

3. Did I mention the weather already? I got to spend the day away from the office today, at, well another office, but this time by the seaside. I got a beautiful view of the water all day and it most definitely improved my mood.

4. And on the subject of the weather… Wimbledom! Two weeks a year where I can legitimately watch the TV and hope against hope that there will be a British winner! Yes I know I am slightly delusional… but COME ON MURRAY!

5. I brought this book on Amazon today for the grand total of 8p! (Plus shipping of course!) I’ve read a few other books along these lines Buffy and Philosophy, Everything I ever Learned I Learnt from TV etc… and have always found that they made me think of things from a new perspective, so I am really looking forward to this arriving.

6. James is out tonight to I’m taking the opportunity to make one of my favourite soups (that James can’t stand) Chinese Egg Drop. Yum, yum, yum for dinner!

7. And last but certainly never least the lovely James. I feel so happy when I wake up and see his face, he is defiantly the best thing around these parts!

Have a fantastic start to your week my friends

Lindy xxxx


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7 Good Things Vol 20

mmm... this was dinner tonight and it was sooo good

Yep, once again I am late this week. Blame it on the fact I had to work yesterday, on a bank holiday no less, and thus ran out of time!

1. I brough a new dress at the weekend, James persuaded me to get it and I love it!

2. Its still nice and sunny here, this is the longest spell of good weather I can remember for ages.

3. My knee is feeling an awful lot better at the moment, I actually made it to the gym this week and it felt good!

4. Easter chocolate- need I say more!

5. For once my study is tidy! I love sitting in there so much but never seem able to keep it tidy, but once it is all neat, I love it so much more. Maybe I should learn a lesson here…

6. Picnics on the beach… so perfect.

7. I’ve got a night on my own today, so cups of tea, egg drop soup and Sims 3 is in the plan!

Have an excellent week my friends

Lindy xxx


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>Egg Drop Soup

>So I thought I would be able to do a lovely little post today about my new house. I thought by Thursday I would have found my camera cable and photos would be forthcoming. Unfortunately I have now found my cable but lost my camera! My ineptitude strikes again!

So. No photos- thus no post! So instead you get a post on soup! J is away at the moment, he has gone sailing across the north sea with his Dad, so apart from this being a rather lonely state of affairs, there is an upside. I get to eat eggs! Now don’t laugh. J hates eggs, thus I don’t tend to cook things with them in for the both of us, but I love them. So a night on my own equals Chinese Egg Drop Soup!

This soup is comfort food extraordinaire!

So to make this bowl of loveliness you will need:

4 cups of chicken stock
2 chopped green/ spring onions
1 tablespoon of peeled and grated ginger
a pinch of white pepper
a pinch of chinese 5 spice
2 beaten eggs

Bring your chicken stock to the simmering point and add the chopped green onions, the grated ginger and the spices. Leave it to cook for a little bit whilst beating the eggs. Then carefully pour the eggs in to the soup, through a fork so that they separate nicely. The eggs should cook as soon as they hit the soup, if they don’t separate properly, stir the soup with a whisk for a while so that the eggs don’t clump.

And then your done! Serve this up and you have a bowl full of the quickest, easiest, nicest soup you will ever spend ten minutes making! Now because i’m on my own and just a little bit greedy I ate both portions, but this should make enough for two (non- greedy!) people!

Enjoy your Thursday evening, at some point this blog will resume with photos. (Promise!) xxx

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>Onion Soup Recipe


So on the urgings of one commentator, here is the recipe for my Onion Soup. Please do not think that this will be a really detailed description because this is a really easy soup to make. It just tastes fantastic!

So to being, you need: some strong onions (maybe 5-6), 2-3 pints of stock- beef is best (enough to cover the onions), worcester sauce, and seasonings.

The most important step in this soup is to caramelise the onions. Let me repeat that, caramelise your onions! You can do this in a bit of butter, until they are nice and soft and a little brown. If you want your soup to be a little sweeter you can add a bit of sherry or other alcohol to help them along, but make sure you cook them long enough to cook the alcohol off. If you don’t cook the onions for long enough in this step the soup won’t be that nice! Once you have done this, add your onions to the stock and cook them. Thats it. That simple. The soup needs to cook for long enough for the stock to reduce and for the soup to thicken and to get the consistency that you like. Add in your worcester sauce and seasonings (salt and pepper) and there you go!

Perhaps I shouldn’t have published this- its so simple that onion soup will no longer impress your friends and family!

Happy Thursday everyone! xxx

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>Saturday Steals


So its that time of the week again where we all indulge in a little Saturday Stealing. (Yes I know that sounds immediately wrong. Scouts honour that I paid for these!)

So without any further adieu, we are back to a familiar theme for my steals… produce! Yes ladies and gentlemen I am nothing if not predictable. But. Wait. These onions, they were 19p. How could I leave them? It was just such good value that I was compelled to buy this pack of onions, compelled I tell you!

So what does one woman do when faced with a pack of onion? She makes soup, thats what she does.

Because… sautéed onions + stock + a little bit of worcester sauce = onion soup heaven.

You heard it here first people.

*This has been a public service announcement on behalf of the Soup Lovers Party*

I think for next week i’m going to have to come up with something completely different to steal, otherwise you will think me obsessed with produce and office clothes!

Have a happy and relaxing weekend



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