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One very messy desk later I have a completed 3000 word assignment and an even longer appendix. I think I need a cup of tea.


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On The Mend

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Just a Whisper….

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Fireflies of Montreal



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7 Good Things Vol 30


Finding beautiful flowers when out walking…


A blue sky with fluffy clouds…


Stewed apples and plums over freshly baked banana bread for lunch…


Finding the county in the town…


Getting the book I needed…


Finally clearing my desk…


A new charity shop book find enjoyed with a large mug of tea…

Enjoy the end of August my friends

Lindy xxx

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I’m feeling under the weather today in a major way. The perfect time to have a cup of apple and cinnamon tea and crack open a new book.

See you tomorrow xxxx

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Today was a five cup of tea kind of day…

But I did to get to take some fantastic photos on my train ride to work.

I’ve been trying to take a photo of this poppy field for so long!

And this was the view from my office window…

After 9 hours at work today I’m having a seriously relaxing evening and an early night!

See you tomorrow my friends

Lindy xxx

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