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Making an Elf Hat

When your boyfriend has to dress up as an elf for charity and asks you to make him an elf hat to complete his costume- this is how you do it!

You Will Need:

Green felt

Red felt

Red ribbon

Pins. Many many pins.

A sewing machine threaded up in the colour of your choice (unless your way more devoted than me and can do everything by hand!)

1. Measure his head. (His was 58cm BTW)

2. Divide this by two (29cm) and add a little bit for seam allowances (30cm).

(The photo isn’t great but I have drawn a triangle in pencil on the felt as a cutting guide)

3. Mark this out on your felt with a pencil. I used the bottom edge of my felt so I had one straight edge already. Then depending on how long your boyfriend wants his hat mark out the third point of the triangle (mine was 80cm long).

4. I then joined these three points up free handing a curved shape to make the hat sufficiently elfish.

5.Cut this out.

6. Carefully pin your hat shape to another piece of felt making sure there are no creases in the felt.

7.Cut round this so now you have both halves of your hat.

8. Lay them out so that they are a mirror image of each other.

9.Add green felt in which ever combination of stripes takes your fancy. I also added red ribbon. Make sure that that your green stripes are pinned at the same point on each side of your hat otherwise it will look lopsided when you sew the two halves together.

10.Sew the felt and ribbon on to the main felt piece. When sewing the second side make sure that the main pieces match otherwise your stripes will be wonky.

11. Match the two sides up and machine around the edge leaving about a 1/2 a cm seam allowance.

12. Turn your hat the right way around and sew a bell on the end (for a truly festive feel!)

13. Model your new hat proudly!

Happy Christmas!

Lindy xxxx



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Symphony of Science

One of my lectures played this in our first science lecture which was dealing which how to engage children with science. I think I’ve become a little obsessed…

‘…there is real poetry in the real word, science is the poetry of reality…’ Richard Dawkins

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7 Good Things Vol 13

Phew! What a week! Even though I know I spent most of it sitting down, I find myself very happy to be at the beginning of a new one! Heres to hoping that the bruise on my knee starts to fade and I get a bit more movement back in it! Oh how I miss walking!

I’ve been finding that being stuck at home with limited mobility could lead me to being very negative about the world. Its a lot more difficult to be positive about the world when your participation in it feels limited. However, I’ve been trying to make a conscience effort to be positive and without further ado, my 7 good things this week are….

1. The swelling on my knee has gone down a lot in comparison to last weekend.

2. James cleaned and tided the whole house yesterday so it was nice for me during the week!

3.I finally started using my new watercolour pencils. So much fun! Results later in the week…

4. I’ve had so many kind cards from family, friends and work colleagues, I’ve been feeling quite loved!

5. James got the old school computer game Theme Hospital to work on my mac. Does anyone else remember it? Its epic!

6. This song. Isn’t her voice amazing!

7. Beautiful flowers given to me by my family and friends… being sick apparently has some advantages!

Happy Monday

Lindy xxx

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>7 Good Things Vol 11

>I’m back in the saddle- hopefully! So without further ado…

1. James made an amazing chicken for lunch yesterday- it was so good!
2. I reorganised by book shelves yesterday- it made me inordinately happy!
3. I also tidied my study yesterday- I felt so productive!
4. I found my moisturiser (its the little things)
5. My sister is very kindly going to sit in my house for me so i can both get my washing machine fixed and not take time off work! Score!
6. The Kings Speech, whilst an awesome film, is also as I have discovered, an amazing book. I highly recommend it!
7. Last week I managed to cook dinner successfully twice. Not noteworthy for the majority of the population, but for me, a pretty cool achievement!

I hope everyone has had a fantastic week in my absence, I shall see you all on Wednesday!

Lindy xxx

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>Saturday Steals Vol 21

>Ahh, my friends I am a late comer to this party because unfortunately I have been at work. It is the bane of my life… and I have to go back tomorrow!

But on a more positive note I have acquired some very pretty dress this week. For only £12 and £8.80 respectively because I found a cool online coupon which deducted 20% off my bill, I am counting these as a steal!

(Sorry no photos because the website won’t co-operate and the Royal Mail are still looking after them for me!)

And actually thats a good point for all you Saturday Stealers out there, before I buy anything on the internet I always google for a promotional cope. Nine times out of ten I find something, be it free shipping or 20% off and something is much much better than nothing!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend, I think I might go and sleep for a week!

Lindy xxx


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>Big Picture… Controlled Chaos

>Controlled chaos is probably a good way to describe my cooking. Without the controlled part. Not so much.

This is what I managed to produce for dinner tonight.

It was practically uneatable. Delia I am not. I think the sauce I used was the wrong type, it wasn’t a specific stir fry sauce and I don’t think I cooked for long enough.

Anyway. What do you do when its relatively late at night and dinner is un edible?

I think you get in the car in the pouring rain…

And give in to capitalism…

The are approximately over 6 billion people in the world today, which i guestimate most of which managed to cook and provide dinner for themselves and their families. I think I need to improve me my cooking skills!

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>I have to say that 2010 has been a bit of an up and down year for me. Obviously there have been some great highs- James and I brought our first home together, I finished my degree, I got a proper job; these are all good and exciting things. Yet amid all of this I have struggled with unemployment for a time, I mostly hated the last semester of my degree and I have over stressed and worried about just about every decision that I’ve made. Grown up life is scary. And after writing that it sounds to me like it was the process of this year that I have struggled with whilst I enjoyed the outcomes, which is possibly a good description.

All over the blog sphere there are plenty of inspirational posts from amazing women who are reveling in the goals which they achieved in 2010 and setting themselves new ones for 2011. This is a laudable process and I truly, truly admire people who have the self discipline and will to make these things happen for themselves on their own. I am not that girl. I struggle with motivation and general all round laziness. I need a good kick up the butt from our old friend motivation to get me doing things.

Thus I have decided to make myself small goals. Achievable goals. But goals which I think will be beneficial to me none the less. Goals where I will have help getting there. A hand to hold on my way. I am guilty of not taking the time to care enough for myself, I get too wrapped up in working, stressing and letting tiredness overcome me, so my goals are designed to help me overcome these traits.

With this in mind my aims for 2011 are centered round the idea of happiness. I want to be happier. Less worried and more accepting of ‘what will be will be’. Not complacent. But to get a greater appreciation of the idea that there are things in this world which I cannot change and that worrying about them will not help. To be generally more at peace with the world.

Photo Credit

So without further ado in 2011….

1. I want to take the time to nurture my artistic side. I love drawing, taking photos and creating things. But this often takes a back seat. I want this to change for me and spend more time making myself happier by letting myself feel free to do this sort of thing.
2. I want to create myself some ‘downtime’ one evening a week. Some time just to relax and not worry about achieving anything.
3. I want to drink more water and exercise more.
4. I want to create myself a regular posting schedule on this blog and be more disciplined in my writing.

There we go. No where near as far reaching as some of the goals I have seen people try to attempt, but these are goals which I really think will help me be happier and more focused in 2011.

I hope everyone has a relaxing and safe New Years Celebration planned. As I am working tomorrow I don’t think James and I will get much further than a bottle of wine and some time on the sofa, but still, sometimes those evenings are the best!

Its been a pleasure to write for you in 2010 and I look forward to continuing this conversation in 2011.

Stay safe, Lindy xxxx

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