What I’m reading this week….

I have an English assignment on children’s literacy development to write for university this week so any and all of these books will be perused at length this week!

I brought this book ages ago in a Waterstones sale but have only just got round to starting it. Its a chunker at 662 pages so it may take me a while, but thus far it is really, really good!

This is another book that I have been reading on and off for ages. Its quite technical and one of those book where I really have to be concentrating to make sure I understand what is going on. Its very interesting though and I am determined to finish it!

What are you reading at the moment?

Lindy xxx


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You know you’re a library addict when….

… You get home from a full weeks teaching, notice that your library reservation is in and decide that despite the fact you are knackered walking the 20 minutes in to town to get said book is worth it.

(This better be good!)

Then when you get there and find out they are having a book sale with 5 books for £1 you just can’t help yourself and end up lugging home these…

This is when you know you are an incurable library addict.

I’m linking this post up with The Captive Readers and The Intrepid Readers ‘Library Loot’ Series, I recommend you check out some of the other great books people have got from their local libraries this week.

Lindy xxx


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Life updates and shiz

So hello internet friends…. how are you? The last month of so has been so stressful around these parts that I haven’t got beyond book reviews… and I’m sorry! Our car was smashed in to, our washing machine broke down and things got so horrendously stressful with my course that I kind of just shut down for a while. Only the bare minimum was done, no more.

But today, for the first time in a  while I feel hopeful. The washing machine is fixed, the car is back and working and I finally feel just about on top of my university work and teaching. All in all a good start to the weekend- if only the weather would start co-operating and this grey bank of clouds that surrounds my house would lift. But I’m resigned to the fact that I can’t have everything!

But we are focusing on the good things here people…

– having finished my planning for the next week

– good coffee on a Saturday morning

– hugs

– rediscovering books I haven’t read for a year or so in preparation for what looks like a very good film coming at the end of this month.

So I hope that each of your weekends is peaceful and fulfilling.

Lindy xxx

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Darkly Dreaming Dexter: Book Review

So I have become a bit of a Dexter addict. James and I got a free one months subscription to Netflix, and, well, my evenings were lost to Mr Dexter. I found the show incredibly engaging and I could have happily watched it all day… but Netflix only had up until Season 2 and that kinda stymied my party. But what does any good book nerd do when she likes the TV show but has no more? She buys the book. Obviously. (For the grand sum of 1p on Amazon no less (ignoring the £2.80 I had to pay in postage!))

So how does the book measure up to the TV series. Normally I would phrase this question the other way around but since I saw the show first that is the image I have of dear Mr Dexter Morgan. Darkly Dreaming Dexter is the first of 4 novels by Lindsay about Dexter and as far as I can tell the plot of Season 1 of the TV show follows this novel quite closely. The TV show is an excellent adaptation, and you can really feel the edge to the character that Jeff Lindsay depicts here.

I should probably back up and explain what this is all about! Dexter Morgan is a serial killer with a code of honour who works for Miami police by day and kills murders and other criminals by night. The book is written from Dexter’s perspective and quite disturbingly by the end of the novel (and the TV series for that matter) you are on Dexter’s side and rooting in his corner. This book does have the unfortunate side effect of making you exaime your own morals quite closely!

The book is narrated in first person, and that isn’t to everyones taste, but I found that it lent an engaging edge to the story. Lindsay sustains a believable tone for Dexter’s internal monologues and in part because of the narration style you end up viewing the story from Dexter’s perspective, siding with his views.

The one caveat I would add is that this novel is probably not suitable for those with a delicate disposition- there are some pretty graphic descriptions of blood and the like that could offend.

Overall a really good read and I defiantly looking up the next books in the series. I believe I have 3 more to go… happy days!

Lindy xxx


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Snow Day

Is it just me who thinks the snow looks a little sad after its been hanging around for a few days?

Lindy xxx

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Book Review: The Carpet Makers

Just before I start I wanted to say thank you for all your lovely comments on my last few posts. University and finishing my teaching placement has been insane over the last few weeks so I haven’t been able to reply individually but I wanted to say thank you, I’ve read them all!

So on with the review. The Carpet Makers was a book which I picked up on a whim during my most recent trip to the library. I was drawn to it on the shelf because it stood out from the other offerings. Amongst the usual dark spines of the fantasy and sci-fi novels the white cover of this book stood out like a sore thumb. It helped that the title wasn’t your average sci-fi one as well. I admit it, I was intrigued.

The first chapter reads like a bit of a fairy tale really, the opening sentence setting the scene for a story which you think you know where its going.

‘Knot after knot, day in, day out, for an entire lifetime, always the same hand movements, always looping the same knots in the fine hair, so fine ad so tiny that with time, the fingers trembled and the eyes became weak with the strain- and still the progress was hardly noticeable. On a day he made good headway, there was a new piece of his carpet perhaps as big as his fingernail.’

But you would have been fooled. I was fooled. I expect every one who has ever read this book has been fooled. This story doesn’t end up where you expect. The chapters link in un-expected ways, characters cross paths when you least expect it and the stage is so much bigger than you first imagine.

It has been translated impeccably from German and the translation flows so well that you wouldn’t immediately know that you were reading a novel in translation. Most upsettingly this is the only novel by Eschbach that has currently been translated in to English, and my reading will be so much poorer for it. Read this book to be amazed at the cleverness of the story construction and then to be heart broken because unless you speak German this is your only opportunity to  bask in Eschbach’s prose.

Lindy xxxx

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Booky Things….

I did it. I finally did it. I donated some of my books to a charity shop. There are just some books which I have to admit to myself that I’m not going to read again and that I really don’t need. So to a charity shop they went!

But I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t let books go without replacing them! But instead of hitting up Waterstones and emptying my bank account I visited my local library. And we all know how much I love the library, and today I came away with a pretty good haul.

I actually saw this book when I was browsing in Waterstones before Christmas. I was so happy just to see it sitting on the shelf calling to me, so home it came! I get the feeling its a blend between magic and crime fiction, a combination I just can’t resist!

This is a totally random pick! Andreas Eschbach is a German author who I had not heard of before, so I am very excited to try something new. I also trying to expand my reading horizons and read more authors in translation so this should be a very good book for me!

Next I got another PD James novel, I do love a bit of crime fiction and I have not been disappointed with PD James novels before so I’m very excited about this.

Although I’m not usually one  for paranormal romance (I think my teenage years binge on that type of fiction gave me my full) I picked this up on a bit of a whim. Sometimes all I want is easy reading before bed and hopefully this should fall into this category nicely.

This was another impulse pick up in the YA section because I was drawn to the cover art. I’m already part way through it and enjoying it thus far!

So here we have it. You can tell I finished my teaching placement yesterday, because I suddenly have time to read again!

What have you been enjoying reading recently?

Lindy xxx

(Sorry about the dark photos its now evening whilst I’m writing this!)

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