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Book Review: Calories and Corsets

Calories and Corsets by Louise Foxcroft is a non-fiction title which I borrowed from my library as an e-book on a whim. (Yes, I am still amazed by this service and now borrow more e-books than physical books from my library!) It is a brief history of dieting and diet fads that spans from ancient history to the modern day.

I borrowed it mostly because I am a sucker for non-fiction titles and I enjoy reading popular history titles. I wasn’t disappointed by this book. It is a light and airy overview of diet history that focused mostly on recent history say the 1700 onwards. Which was logical considering that this was the point from which fad dieting really began to explode as a phenomenon.

What I found most fascinating from this book was really how little fad dieting has changed in the last 300 years. All of the modern latest ‘quick fix’ diets have all be done before and low-carb diets are in no way a new invention! I was also interested to find out that the medias obsession with celebrities weight was not new either- apparently Lord Byron in his day was quite hounded for his eating habits! Louise Foxcroft’s writing was engaging and I never lost interest; I think I read this in about 2 evenings.

All in all a good easy read that makes you think about your own eating habits and how history has an amazing tendency to repeat itself.

Lindy xxx


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